Small and Sustainable

5 thoughts on “Small and Sustainable”

  1. THIS WAS GREAT! Curious…did Glen read this??

    On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 9:38 AM, Everything Heart Health! wrote:

    > Jamie MacGibbon, RD, LDN posted: “I am married to a “meat and > potatoes” guy. Not big on fruits and veggies. A bit overweight > (ex-college football player – you know the type). No family history of > heart disease. As a matter of fact, his blood lipids are surprisingly > intact based on wha”

  2. YUP. I agree with you all the way on the fact that women are harder on them…. well, ourselves. It’s funny that your husband didn’t like lettuce on his burger. It is hardly noticeable! I think that what you can do to help with his nutrition is to prepare meals with veggies with taste that is hardly noticeable. Yup, like you would in a kid’s meal. After he enjoys that certain meal, let him know the contents. He’s gonna want to rethink his opinion about veggies then.

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